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Middlebrook Lane, Wilton, CT

Our Vision for Middlebrook Lane

Welcome to Middlebrook Lane, with three of the most beautiful parcels of land available in Wilton, CT. As home construction continues, our vision for this idyllic neighborhood of privacy and privilege is becoming a reality.

The lane begins by Comstock Brook, winds through open meadow and ends as a cul-de-sac. Meandering stone walls direct you up a gentle rise where you are met by four drives that branch out, each leading to a private country-estate home.

We recognize the exceptional natural beauty of each of these properties and are committed to developing this neighborhood in a manner that is respectful of the land, its history and the future residents of Middlebrook Lane.

Inspired by Art and History

This property was once part of the Middlebrook Family's dairy and hay farm. We've designated the land directly along Middlebrook Lane as open space and are restoring it to meadowland, more closely resembling the pastures of the nineteenth century. To envision how the property may have appeared when it was farmland, we looked to an old neighbor, Weir Farm. J. Alden Weir's paintings of Weir Farm offer a wealth of visual impressions of the local landscape from approximately 1882 to 1919. Paying homage to J. Alden Weir and the area's rich artistic history, we commissioned local artist Julie Hopkins to paint her impression of Middlebrook Lane in 2006.