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Middlebrook Lane

Our Vision for Middlebrook Lane

There are many factors to consider when planning a new neighborhood, most importantly, where to best site the homes and how to access them. Clearing land and building the access road are some of the first steps in the actual development of a neighborhood. Here's a look at how we built the road at Middlebrook Lane.

Construction Equipment Used for Building Roads:

Bulldozer: usually one of the first pieces of equipment to work on a site. Its job is to level the ground by pushing the soil and rocks. It is also used for knocking down small trees and brush. dump truck: used for loading, carrying and unloading soil, rocks and gravel.

Excavator: used for digging, carrying and loading. By stretching its arm, the hydraulic shovel can reach very high and dig very deep.The excavator is used in many parts of road construction, including installation of underground pipes and storm drains.

Loader: can scoop up soil, mud and rocks in its bucket loader, then carry it a short distance. By lifting its bucket high it can unload stuff into a dump truck. It can also be used for laying pipes or, like a small bulldozer, for moving mud, dirt and snow.

Roller: makes the ground more level and hard so it can become a road. By hitting the ground continuously, it presses soil, stones and asphalt into the ground.